Content Control from Table Selection

To modify MS Word document online, That saving the Word document to OneDrive is actually a great choice. OneDrive will definitely offer a web link for the documents which our company submitted as well as our experts could possibly see and revise the data located on this web link.

Below are the detail steps.

It is actually certainly not a cross browser service. Whilst this web link will definitely create MS Office Word to become launched and load the document properly in Firefox and also Web Traveler, it does not function in Chrome (which downloads documents) as well as Side (which does not refine it at all).
It’s naturally troubled, demanding a single collection of accreditations being circulated to all the customers that need to have to access the unit.

Review the MS Word document which you wish to edit coming from Azure Storage space.
Spare this document to OneDrive file using OneDrive API as well as receive the web link coming from the reaction. Right here is the HTTP ask for message which I utilized to submit file to OneDrive.

Easy product upload to OneDrive utilizing PUT

The issue I am experiencing wants the Binding around the dining table is actually chosen, utilizing goToByIdAsync(), the Content Command is actually generated around the final line of the dining table just, certainly not the selection. Coming back the worth of ctx.document.getSelection() I can find the picked Variation is merely the last line in the Selected Dining table. I need to have to utilize the Binding contest know the chosen tissue stables of Dining table.

Incorporate internet hook to your OneDrive folder. A message is going to be sent out to your approach and you may install the updated file as well as spare to your Azure Storage if anyone revise the documents online. Right here is an example HTTP request message

You can not make use of Refine with an URL. If that is proper you will need to have a decryption secret.

I am servicing a Word add-in, using the Office JS API, making an effort to incorporate an Information Control around a Dining Table Binding in the document.

The complying with code presents merely that. Perhaps it will certainly set you up in the ideal instructions. I included a ton of opinions of each of the steps I described over.

This is actually a fantastic inquiry! many thanks for talking to. I will definitely propose you to change a bit the technique on just how to attain the instance you wish. To start with goToById should certainly not be made use of to acquire the series of any sort of object, this is simply for navigating reasons. It is going to be actually way extra deterministic if you can put a table, wrap it along with a called material control (delegating a headline to it), make a binding (making use of addFromNamedItem and certainly not making use of addFromSelection as you don’t have a sound assortment:-RRB-), and also after that just sign up for the bindingSelectionChanged occasion and also carry out whatever you need to accomplish with the table or even decided on cells.

Is actually there a way to cease all of them loading in the 1st spot? I am actually making an effort to avoid the start-up performance hit when clients possess tons of add-ins. I need to have to start word promptly, do some handling as well as close it once more.

I’m making use of MS Office 2003 PIA to develop a MS Word document from c#.

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