Convert PDF File to Image – VB/C#

If any individual’s created or happened around a PDF to Image converter Application, was actually simply wondering!

I am actually using ImageMagick.NET to convert PDFs to JPGs. Listed below’s my code:

convert -resize 1000x2000 file.pdf hi-res%d.jpg

I am actually using 32-bit ImageMagick – I wonder if 64-bit would fix the trouble, yet there have been actually problems trying to get that variation to operate on a local area atmosphere – which is yet another issue totally.

Convert PDF to image As well as Extract them right into individual Pages from Existing PDF to a brand new Documents (C#. NET example)

The commented out lines were actually some other solutions I was actually making an effort to apply, yet it maintains managing for a very long time (many minutes) without end (a minimum of regarding my persistence is involved) with those allowed. Among those is to lessen premium, as well as the various other to minimize image measurements. The pdfs constantly appear extremely big, a lot bigger than essential.

Did you ever before get an answer or achievable option to this issue? I’m possessing identical concerns in which I have multiple.tiff files and also making an effort to convert to one.pdf along with some documents possessing more than one hundred images.

I’m 95% certain this will be excellent for you. Merely open your pdf in it as well as export to image. Lot’s of environments for personalization also.

It does not seem to be like it ought to be having moment problems listed here as its own certainly not as if the documents dimension is ginormous, although it possibly still is much bigger than preferred for an image. The 12 page pdf when I can obtain it to leave happened in at around 6-7 megs.

If so, I require some rules or even if possible, code.

I looked around and found some low amount libraries. with that said and postscript i think im nearing my very own option somehting like what you merely discussed over.

I made an effort using some economical s/w’s but they all were actually switched out to be unstable.

, if VB/C # restraint is smooth I will recommend you to attempt ImageMagick.. To work with pdf files it is demanded to set up postscript, like it.

FYI: I need to have to process a large set of PDF Reports (~ 5-10 K) and convert typically 1-2 Pages of it to an Image Layout. JPEG/TIFF/Etc.

The complication is, I maintain obtaining not enough memory exemptions, which occur on the image.Write(). It is definitely as a result of file size, as a small pdf will certainly function, yet certainly not a multi page pdf. The specific file I am actually trying to receive it to run through is actually a 12 page text message pdf. I can receive it to function if I sent out the density reduced, for instance (100, 100) operates, but the high quality is actually horrible.


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