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Even I have one data, its vacant. I am thinking about how to set appropriate author to generate appropriate pdf. Specifically, how to establish reader so as to check out the information of splitted document.

Merely use it for splitting a PDF document. Don’t overlook to close splitted document. SplitByPageCount( 1) divided a PDF document by one page.

I am actually creating a function that converts a.doc file to Pdf/A1 (ISO 19005-1) in C# along with the iTextsharp collection. I’m producing it based upon the observing records: Principles, Pdf/A1 Java, Pdf C# and Pdf/A3 Java

This being actually said: if you most likely to the iText 5 download page, you’ll find that iText 5 contains various packages, among which is actually contacted itextsharp.pdfa. It appears that you disregarded this package.

The trouble I have is that some strategies and lessons (PdfAWriter as well as PdfAConformanceLevel) appear not to become in this model of iTextsharp. Has anyone had the capacity to perform this action that can indicate me some relate to the documentation to generate Pdf/A1 with the collection iTextsharp for C#, or even in some other way to make a Pdf/A1 from a.doc?

In iTextSharp i was using the observing code, operates fairly effectively. Having said that, in iText 7 its certainly not achievable to do it likewise.

How may I develop a pdf document along with dining tables, which appears like this.

Why would you use the maintenance launch of an aged iText version as an alternative of the most up to date version iText? Our experts do not utilize the label iTextSharp any longer; iTextSharp was relabelled to iText for.NET pair of years ago. View the iText 7 download page.

Check section 4 in examples – it entirely manages adjusting tables. Instances are in java, you can quickly connect them with C# as the API is very same.

Within this connected documenation is actually somehow demonstrated how to divide document. Nevertheless, I possess no idea how to help make similiar method to the one pointed out – getNextPdfWriter

I have actually located that there is PdfSplitter, wich could possibly divide my pdf right into tiny pdfs. Also my testing pdf possesses 7 web pages and even GetNumberOfPages() returns number 7, number of splitted document is actually simply one.

Which leads me to another question, is it achievable to convert a.doc to Pdf/A1 with that said model as well as if so, can you lead me with some information or example in C#?

I need to split a document in to many tiny documents. For instance, if document has 7 web pages I need to have to generate 7 pdfs.

var reader = new PdfReader(src);
for (int i = 1; i <= reader.NumberOfPages; i++)
    var document = new Document();
    var copy = new PdfCopy(document, new FileStream(result + i + ".pdf", FileMode.Create));
    copy.AddPage(copy.GetImportedPage(reader, i));

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