Software for Banking System

Standfore FS Company

Standfore FS – banking software company offers an online banking software which leverages technology to streamline banking operations. The software is designed and developed to enhance performance and is easy to maintain. Retail e-banking solutions, Corporate and SMB Digital banking and Front office solutions are all provided by the company in an integrated platform. The software has a flexible responsive design, customizable interface, and is integrated. With a multi-channel management approach, customer targeting and segmentation, it is ideal for all the banking needs. The company has over 10 million users with fifty million transactions annually. Its software system is used by up to fifteen banks.

Retail Digital Banking

The innovation-driven digital platform provides a personalized solution for enhanced banking experience. It comprises of content management, platform administration, product promotion, data mining and event monitoring platforms. The efficient and innovative banking solutions software has is designed to transform banking and customer care banking operations. The banking software offers a personalized user experience based on the latest technological trends. It is simple and can be used across different digital channels. Retail Digital Banking integration is quick in functionality and has a customizable user interface.

The four user interaction channels in Retail Digital Banking include; mobile banking (Standfore mobile), online banking (Standfore online), bank portal (Standfore Portal) and Front office (Standfore Fronfoffice) platform. Standfore portal provides a virtual banking experience for convenience in banking and enhanced customer experience. The platform’s key features include; payments and transfers, clients products, Bank offers e.t.c. Standfore invests a million dollars annually in a bid to deliver quality and innovative solutions to its customers.

Corporate and SMB Digital Banking

The banking solution is flexible in funtionality and tailored to the corporate and SMB needs. The unified banking platform offers a personalized customer experience. The user interaction channels include: Business online banking (Standfore Business Online), SMB portal, Business Mobile Banking (Standfore Business Mobile) and Standfore Front Office.

The system features include; company profile, salary, products, reference etc. The management tools in the system include; Standfore analysis, Standfore security, Standfore DMS and Standfore CMS.

Unified Front-Office

Unified Front Office solution offered by the system is in a single platform. The solution also features KPI monitoring tools, offers an integrated call center operations, cash-desk operations, and a unified customer experience. The solution is great in organizing branch operations and serves as the best tools for communicating with the clients in an effective and efficient manner. It features call center operations, client profile, customer information, knowledge base, marketing reporting and analysis functions.

Management Portal

The administrative portal is an efficient control solution and the best in e-banking management function. Some of its primary features and functionality include; real-time reporting, a central management interface, multiple role access and a set of advanced marketing tools. Standfore CMS is data management platforms. It is ideal for managing and analyzing customer data. Standfore DMS is a marketing solution within the integrated platform. It is personalized and enforces up-scale and cross-sale strategies. Standfore Analysis and Standfore Security are the other two software solutions in the E banking software system.